Battery Jump Start
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Jump Start Your Vehicle

Starting a car that is stranded is a difficult task. Has your car battery just run out? Then you need a jump-starting service to start your vehicle and get you to your destination. Fortunately, you do not need to call anyone to help you with this problem, as we can handle it. Our Tow Truck Services Company is here to help you jump-start your vehicle’s battery in record time. So you won’t have to bother a stranger or ask any of your neighbors or relatives for help; call us, and you will get an immediate solution to your problem.

Car Battery Charging Service in New York NYC

We offer all our customers a fast, safe, reliable, and efficient start-up service. We offer battery recharging services in Queens, Manhattan, and NYC. Your comfort is one of our top priorities for us. For this reason, we make sure to equip our tow trucks with advanced towing infrastructure and all possible tools to meet any roadside assistance needs our customers may require. We promise that in less than 30 minutes, you will be back on the road.
Our team knows that batteries that die suddenly are something that happens very often, almost that it is normal. There are several possible reasons why this can happen:

  • It could be that you accidentally left your car lights on overnight.
  • Perhaps when you got out of the car at work, a door was left poorly closed.
  • The vehicle’s glove box was left open and with the light on, which caused the battery to go down.
  • Although it can also be the case that when trying to start your car, it does not want to cooperate because the battery life has reached its end or it has a boot problem.

But, whatever the case may be, rest assured that you can always rely on our team to always help you. That is why we advise you to save our telephone numbers in your cell phone contacts so that you can call us anytime, from anywhere in the city of Queens, Manhattan and NYC; with all the availability that characterizes us, we will come to your aid. You can count on excellent towing service in Queens, Manhattan and NYC.

Charge The Car Battery

Remember that our company Tow Truck Services, will always be at your side, so do not hesitate to consult any additional information you need about all the services we offer. Our customer service staff will be more than pleased to help you. Resolve your concerns. We carry out all kinds of work:

• Towing of damaged or accidental vehicles on the roads.
• We provide fuel if you are stranded on the roads.
• We help start your vehicle if the battery has died or has been discharged
• We tow your vehicle in case you feel unfit to drive after spending a nice night with your friends.
• Tire change service.

You will find all this and much more in our family business, Tow Truck Services. We are the most trusted option for cheap towing.


Frequently Asked Questions

Once the dead battery starts, there is no need to keep your car connected to the donor car, because your car will now start charging its battery with its alternator. This action would be of 15 minutes or thereabout.

When all the connections have been done and secured then, first of all, start the donor car, and then after some minutes if you feel that now the battery has enough power that it will run by itself, now try to start your car.

The process of jump-starting is significant and works faster than charging a battery because it provides much power. An empty battery can easily start in a few seconds through this process.

Towing and Roadside assistance service is the best option to call. They can in no time fix your battery without making your car towed to a repair shop.

After your car starts, keep the engine running for a few minutes, this will help the battery charge further. Then remove the clamps in the reverse action and take your car on a drive for about 30 minutes before shutting off your engines so the battery will start charging itself.

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