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5 Components To Monitor In Your Vehicle To Prevent Breakdowns That Lead To Tow Truck Service

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Being stranded on the road due to a lack of vehicle maintenance and preventive inspection routines. We are witnesses to this since when providing a Tow Truck Service, it is common to hear phrases like: “If I had checked the oil this morning” or “The battery had been bothering me for days and I knew it was going to leave me lying”. Given this, we always recommend carrying out a prior review of many vital components that lead to the proper functioning of a car. Meet five of them and prevent a breakdown.


Imagine the pieces of gear trying to turn without lubrication; the machine would probably be melted. The same thing can happen to our car’s engine if it does not have enough oil to allow the lubrication of its parts and other parts of the car; in that sense, we must be aware of its functionality and periodic change. Thus we will avoid an unfortunate situation. , it should be remembered that the smell of “burning” can be one of the main alerts that something is not right in this regard.


Without water, there is no life, which applies even to the automotive environment. It is one of the elements that we must supervise before getting into our vehicle. If it lacks a good liquid proportion or the hydraulic pump is showing deficiencies, it is most likely that the cooling system will end up failing and we will have to overheat. Engine. So let’s be very careful with this point. Additionally, we should always carry a small jug of water in our trunk if it becomes useful.


Without a doubt, it is the life insurance that a car has because, thanks to them, the traction between the tires and the surface where we move is reduced. Taking this into account, it is important to test the brakes of our car, including the disc brakes if they were to have them. Additionally, when we drive a vehicle for the first time, we must recognize how tight or distant the braking is. This will help to better adapt to the steering wheel, preventing collisions.


Perhaps it is one of a car’s most important and undervalued elements. We must never forget that it is the only part of the car that is in contact with the ground and, therefore, must be supervised rigorously. The best thing is that they have a good supply of air, are not punctured, and do not have too visible wear, especially on days when the rain says present and the asphalt feels slippery. In addition, carrying an emergency tire in the trunk will always be of great help since many of our urgent towing services occur because of not having a spare part in this regard.


It is one of the most important components of a vehicle because if it is unloaded or malfunctions, the car’s electrical system will be affected, lacking the ability to start the starter. This is one of the most common faults, so if you find yourself in this situation, the most normal thing is that you need a Tow Truck Service to tow the car to a workshop or specific place where this problem can be solved. We hope these details have served to prevent road breakdowns. However, sometimes there are unexpected failures that we cannot determine. If that is your case, contact us at (646) 907-5522, where we will be pleased to help you.

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