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Flats are caused by sharp objects found on the road—such as nails, screws, or broken glass—that can pierce the tire’s surface. If the puncture is deep enough, the tire can start to lose pressure. If you find that one or more tires are continually losing pressure, or if you find a nail or screw embedded in the tread, see your local tire specialist as soon as possible for repairs. You can count on Tow Truck Services NYC if your car needs emergency flat tire assistance. Our tow truck is equipped with tools and equipment to rescue you in such a situation. We also offer tow services; if your car faces more than one flat tire, we can tow your car on our flatbed tow truck and take it to the nearest tire shop.

Causes of Tire Damage & Safety Preclusion to Avoid Such Damages

Tire damage can happen for various reasons, and it can happen without the driver being immediately aware that there is a problem. The most common types of damage are punctures, cuts, impacts, cracks, bulges, and irregular wear. However, you can be proactive and increase the longevity of your tires with proper maintenance. To avoid having to buy replacement tires ahead of time, there are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Check tire pressure regularly
  • Evenly rotate front and rear, left and right tires depending on the tread pattern.
  • Keep wheels and axles adequately aligned.
  • Check the wear of the profile: 1.6 mm is the legal limit.
  • Check the tires to identify any visible wear or damage.
  • Pay attention to the quality of driving during it.

Can Flank Punctures Be Repaired?

In a word: no. In particular, punctures that are outside the small repair zone cannot be repaired because they are close to the sidewall. Sidewall repairs are prohibited for a straightforward reason. When the tire is used on a daily basis, this area undergoes considerable stress. Any attempt to make repairs in this area can weaken the tire’s structural integrity.

Another factor is that the sidewall experiences most of the tire flex. If you put a patch on it, it is unlikely to last very long, and the tire will fail again. Another aspect of the flank is that you have to avoid driving when you have a puncture if you have any hope of recovering it. Inflation pressure maintains the tire’s shape while driving; when that pressure is lost, the tire and the road compress the tire’s sidewall, so continuing to drive will push the damage past the small repair area.

That is, don’t drive on a flat tire if the puncture is in the minor repair area (and therefore repairable). The sidewall of the tire may be further damaged, which may render the tire beyond repair. It is best to have the vehicle towed or swap the flat tire for a spare until you reach the nearest garage.


Frequently Asked Questions

In this situation, if you are not been able to seal or re-inflate a tire on your own, you must immediately contact a reliable roadside service. In New York, there are towing and roadside assistance companies such as Two Truck Services Company that are providing and serving you emergency services 24 hours 7 days a week to make everything easy on the road.

  1. Whenever you try to call them, they will give you a quick response.
  2. You can easily access and follow them through their smartphone apps.
  3. They will cover a broad area.
  4. They will arrive on time as they commit.
  5. You can easily find out some affordable service plans on their websites.
  6. Provide service with responsibility and excellency.

The standard flat tire coverage plan in most roadside assistance programs is that they will not pay for purchasing or repairing the tire but just put in a spare one. In case you neither have a spare one with you, they will simply give you a tow.

Many others towing and roadside assistance providers have warranty plans which they cover flat tires also. They will pay for you to replace it if your tire is Unrepairable.

Fixing a tire with a patch, and installing a plug will take 30 to 45 minutes. On the other hand, replacing will take time for 20 to 30 minutes.

Well, it is not necessary but if you give them a tip they will be very grateful and it is considered an act of recognition and appreciation of their work. A good tip ranges from $ 10 to $ 20.

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