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Flatbed Towing By Tow Truck Services

Flatbed Towing Service in Queens, Manhattan, and NYC is one of the safest and most efficient means of transporting a car. The vehicle is completely secured on the bed. One of the significant advantages of a flatbed tow truck is being able to tow vehicles with a low front or rear bumper. All sports cars should be towed with that method unless the gear is not working. In the case when you can’t shift the gear into “N,” what needs to be used is “the dolly’s” technique.

Flatbed towing is usually done by flatbed tow trucks which have four wheels and are most commonly placed at the center of the trailer. That is to assure balancing the weight of the car above. It is also one way to prevent strong swaying during the towing process. Loading with flatbed towing is very simple and easy. All you have to do is to drive your vehicle up to the rear ramps going to the trailer, park it and let it be secured.

Unlike all other types of flatbed towing services, flatbed towing doesn’t require some adjustments to the power-train of the car. With flatbed towing, you are assured that your vehicle will not experience any tear or wear during its trip since the four wheels are off the ground, and its engine parts are not moving. Call flatbed towing Tow Truck Services for your flatbed services needs: (646) 907-5522

How Much Does a Flatbed Towing Tow Truck Cost?

We will ask you a few basic questions over the phone to give you an accurate quote. You are in an emergency so that conversation won’t take over a minute. The first question that will help us give you a price is the current vehicle location and tow destination to determine the exact distance.
The second question is about the vehicle’s make and model. The price may vary according to the size of the car.
The third and last question concerns the vehicle’s condition and what is wrong with it. Why do you want to tow it? If it’s physical car damage or a mechanical issue. There may be further questions to better understand and evaluate the situation over the phone.


Frequently Asked Questions

Flatbed tow trucks offer more capacity and space compared to other towing vehicles. In case you are required to have a few items which take a lot of space, especially in one trip go, then a flatbed is the best choice.

Yes, flatbed towing is the safest and the most secure method to tow your four-wheeler and two-wheelers, why? it uses its flat surface behind, which just looks like a straight flat path, on which you just simply have to pull your vehicle onto the ramp and your vehicle is securely transported.

Long bed trucks have long wheelbases so it is better to handle the vehicles. The unbalanced road surface does not interfere with your drive as much as it does on a short bed surface. A long truck also has perfect and better control over long-distance travel trailers. This extra stability typically means that it can carry a high payload capacity and can perform higher towing.

Flatbed truck driving is one of the most challenging tasks of driving a truck because of its weight and unique load capacity that one’s driver is required to secure and haul. It carries a bright future in the transport field and its skills are in demand very heavily.

Yes, flatbed drivers are more expensive compared to other towing trucks driver. The reason is that they are limited to shipping more than one or two vehicles in one go. That is why local towing and roadside assistance companies charge high fees than other auto transport companies

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