Locksmith Services
by Zain Abbasi

Tow Truck Services Company is also an expert in performing every kind of locksmith service for your vehicles, which includes broken and stuck keys, duplicate, and replacement keys, and in some circumstances, we can replace a whole set of your vehicle door lock and ignition switches also.

Unlocking The Car Locked Door

Our company has unique professional strategies for doing every task of locksmith service. We have several ways and techniques to unlock your vehicle without accessing its door keys, varying on the car model and the lock system the car is holding in it.

One of the most common strategies that we applied is jimmying. To do this a metal piece that should be thin is needed which helps us to take a slide between a window and the car weather stripping so that we can easily reach the car lock

Tow Truck Services company auto locksmith uses hangers as well but is also aware of the modern slim jim technique which is a safer choice and carries less chance of having any damage to the vehicle. However, when going gets tough we can have many options with us to be used as a slim jim. This all works best if the car is of an older model in which only real keys are used and no technology is yet attached to it such as modern security systems.

If the car is new with a more advanced technology security system, we know well that keys are no longer reliable, but rather rely on keyless remote system technology. What does our locksmith expert do? he reprograms the code by analyzing it with the help of a VATS passcode detector or some other related technology so that accessibility inside the vehicle will become easy.

Removing Snap Keys From Car Door And Ignition Slots

If your car keys are snapped in the door or the ignition slot, what would you do at that time? My advice is if you don’t know the solution don’t do anything foolish. This mishap is not very common but it occurs sometimes and needs special attention to be provided. Anyhow it is not your fault but it is the fact that it is very hard to remove from the key slot. You need a specialist no one else.

You can easily observe that many keys always break in a way that crevices of the skinny part of the key are easily clear for you to see. Our company’s locksmith experts carry both extractions kits and tools to pull the key easily out by attaching the tools to the crevices.

Some added perks are available with the extraction tools kit so that the tools will work excellently, otherwise, they appear to have just like normal. Because tools are of small size and appear like a thin pieces of metal comprising of two little hooks at the end, these hooks are used to grab the snap keys. On the other hand, slim plier-like instruments are also used to connect both sides of the keys. 

Remember that, it is not recommended that you start trying to take keys out by yourself, because if something unsuitable happens then it can cost you more damage and money than you can think of. The final call is to leave it to the professionals, like Two Truck Services company.

Replacing Car Keys And Duplicating It

Locksmith always works with two types of car keys. One is that which is not attached to a fob or any electrical object, therefore these keys are easy to make duplicates.

The other type is that key to which a fob or electrical piece is connected. Transponder keys are also present between these. Transponder means that they comprise a chip that is programmed specially for that specific vehicle. These kinds of keys are confusing and tricky to work on.

Your vehicle will not start until the ignition reads the code program that is safe in the chip. In this type of case, you need a more capable person, but if it’s a key with a fob our Tow Truck Services company locksmith can duplicate the key part of the fob.


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