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Safety Measures To Be Taken Into Account During A Trailer With Flatbed Tow Trucks

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Trailers with Flatbed Tow Trucks are some of the most requested services by our clients since they allow vehicles that exceed five thousand pounds to be transported without the need to generate any friction in them since the cars are moved from one place to another on a kind of “stretcher” without coming into contact with the road. This modality needs a series of knowledge for its proper execution, which you will only find in experts such as Tow Truck Services. Co can offer you. From our company, we want to show you some security measures that we normally execute when moving your cars through these teams.


After a collision, breakdown, or any other accident, people probably enter a state of excitement and confusion that blocks them from worrying more about material objects and expenses than their health. In our company, you will find qualified professionals, but above all, very human beings; for this reason, we will always ask you how you feel and if you require any medical assistance. If you have any other requirements, let us know, and we will collaborate with you on everything within our reach.


Our operators have constant knowledge and training on the subject. They will never ask you for help executing processes during the towing since they can execute their task independently. They also have an impeccable ethical sense and will never enter the interior of your vehicle unless you require and express it, thus avoiding claims for damages caused by loss of property, and other misunderstandings. Additionally, we always generate an inventory to return the car in the same conditions.

Zero Passengers

The law prohibits people from traveling in cars when they are being towed, regardless of the method or type of tow truck with which it is carried out; for this reason, we will never allow our clients to expose themselves because although we have an extremely safe service, we adhere to the requirements from the competent authorities. We will try not to put your life at risk. Additionally, we can allow you to travel to our cabin, where we take the car. In case the quota exceeds what is allowed, we will not have any problem getting you a private transportation service, which is at your own expense.

Trolley Suitability

Before executing the trailer, our operator will request the conditioning of the automobile to provide security; some recommendations are usually the placement of the gear in neutral, as well as the proportion of pieces for fastening holes in case the car contains them, among others.

Proper Support

As soon as the car is on the platform, it must be secured to avoid displacement during the route traveled. Nylon straps, ratchets, fastener hooks, and other elements that do not cause damage should have been used.

Delivery in Order

When arriving at the destination, the nylon belts must first be removed to lower the car; since it is on the road surface, the hooks that hold it in place can be removed, handing over any supplied object to the owner. Likewise, an order must be socialized with a signature included where both parties certify the success of the delivery.

Remember to use a responsible, efficient and professional service when requesting towing and roadside assistance services. You will find these safety models at Towtruckservices. co, which will make your work easier and save time, money, and trouble. Contact us at the line: (646) 907-5522. We will gladly assist you!

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