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What Are The Two Types Of Tow Trucks Most Used By Our Clients In Queens?

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In the towing service in Queens, our company is one of the best qualified to carry out this procedure, in addition to having a specialized staff that will advise you in the best way on everything you need. One factor that requires the most expertise in this sector is determining the type of tow truck needed for a particular moment since these vehicles have diverse characteristics that can be better adapted to specific circumstances. Today we will tell you about the types of tow trucks that may be required at a given time.

Tow trucks are vehicles used for emergencies where the transfer of a car from one place to another is required. Since it physically has impediments, or even in perfect condition, it is under some legal blockade that disqualifies it from driving on public roads. There are other cases where the help of a tow truck is required to get a car out of a place where it is stranded without the possibility of leaving on its own; this is very common after floods that drag everything in its path.

Among the most used types of vehicles during the rental of tow trucks are:

Wheel Dolly

These vehicles use a metal traction system that is attached to the front end of a disabled car or through its rear wheels. They allow fast and safe filming, making them one of the most used after traffic accidents, mechanical failures, and transport to specific places at the will of the owner, among other occasions where the towed car can walk either with its front or rear wheels. The preference for this system often lies in its economy and the fact that it does not use chains or other elements that cause scratches or damage.

Flatbed Tow Truck

In our Queens 24-hour tow truck system, we have several of these teams, which are characterized by providing a practically protective transfer. One of the most important reasons that make it the preferred means for our customers is that they do not exert pressure on the transported car, since it will be placed on a platform without the need to roll along the tracks. It is as if an ambulance carried a patient lying on a stretcher inside, which is why this name also knows them.

These tow trucks vary in length according to the load capacities for which they are designed, asking to accommodate more or fewer numbers of cars; however, they are normally made to load cars that are around 2.5 tons. Some customers often get nervous when they see their structure, thinking their vehicle could be thrown down the road at any moment, which is completely unrealistic since the deck leveling, fasteners, slings, winches, and other fastening equipment make this one of the safest methods of towing. Additionally, it is an ideal technique for transporting luxury cars, classics, ATVs, and even boats or other small boats.

We hope this information has helped you know the most used modern means for towing automobiles. Remember that if you require towing service, no matter the place or time, we will be there to help you. Call us at (646) 907-5522.

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